5 Veggies That Kill Belly Fat




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5 Veggies That Kill Belly Fat

Lacy Arnold November 7, 2013 Uncategorized No Comments
5 Veggies That Kill Belly Fat

You always hear “Eat your veggies!”. But do you really understand why? And which veggies are the best to eat? Carrots?
Or is brocolli the best one? Do they have to be green?

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I didn’t always like to eat veggies. In fact to be honest with you, I’d rather eat meat :).  But the phytonutrients found in veggies is incomparable to any other food source on the planet. The secret is just knowing which ones provide the best source of fiber and belly fat-fighting compounds. Now knowing what I know, you can’t convince me NOT to eat them!

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One of my favorite veggies…broiled brussel sprouts.

I cover a cookie sheet with foil, spread the brussel sprouts out on the sheet, sprinkle it with olive oil, and sea salt. Then broil for 3 to 5 minutes until tender. They’re delicious paired with grilled tilapia or chicken.

What are you having for dinner? Hopefully some of it’s the 5 veggies!



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Lacy is a mom of 3 and the CEO/Founder of LeanMoms.com, the holistic health company for moms. She is also the co-founder of Sculptations.com a meditation company, using brain entrainment for weight loss & emotional eating. Lacy is a professional coach, speaker, and writer. She has a B.S. degree in Health and Wellness, is a certified personal trainer, and a certified Precision Nutrition coach. Her passion is to create a better world by sharing her tools and knowledge with all the mothers of the world. Healthy families begin with healthy moms!

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