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“Leanmoms Programs are the best I have used that actually have changed my physique. The emphasis on weights has proven to give me better results in every muscle group. Leanmoms has also reminded me that even when my life is crazy at times, maintaining control of my body keeps me feeling stronger in more ways than just muscle strength…It helps me feel like I can conquer any crazy roadblock that’s thrown in my path! Thanks Leanmoms!!” Susan
I just want anyone who might be lloking at this page to know how amazing Lacy is. She is always quick to answer questions and has given me the confidence that I can make a life and mindset change. I am not dieting, I am making myself better for myself, my husband, and my kids. I still have a ways to go but already feel better and even when I fail know I have the support I need to pick up and going. Thanks you Lacy! Tiffany
“Just took my measurements and weighed myself at the end of week one and I’m kinda freaking out! 4.8 lbs down and 4.75″ GONE! Is this for real?? I was so worried that I wasn’t going to lose anything because I honestly never felt hungry once this whole week-on the contrary, more often than not I was completely full! Woo hoo!!” Logan
I love getting to brag to my husband about my workouts stats.
LeanMoms is making me stronger! Debbie
Retired a pair of jeans last week a pair of mesh shorts today because they were falling off! Both were tight 8 weeks ago!! Par-tay!!! Courtney