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Discover How A Rural Stay-At-Home Mom Figured Out The Secret To Looking Like A Supermodel After Having Three Babies In Three Years! And It’s Not Lipo…

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Hi my name is Lacy.

I grew up in a small town in Idaho.

My perception of motherhood was as follows:

1. You get pregnant

2. You get fat

3. You have the baby

4. You stay fat forever.

I remember a couple women who were outside our community’s church who were tanned, toned and looking good for being moms. I thought it was because they didn’t go to church – haha.

As I grew up, I was looking forward to the days when I was married and would be popping out kids. I mean afterall, that’s what I thought life was meant to be. But as fate would have it, my body wouldn’t pop kids out quite as easily as all the other women around me.

After many years of infertility struggles (tears and more tears) to become the fat pregnant mom I knew I was destined to be…It finally happened! Ta da miracle!

I was ecstatic and on a mission to feed my growing baby…A LOT.

I drank up to a gallon of milk a day and visited TCBY at least once a day. If I craved it, I ate it – and a lot of it.

By the end of my pregnancy I had gained over 60,000 pounds, ok kidding – it was actually just over 65 pounds. My excessive diet to “ensure my baby got enough food” combined with my mentality that “pregnant women need LOTS of rest” so out goes exercising…made for one proud chubby mama rolling into Labor & Delivery!

When they placed my baby in my arms, I knew my life had truly began.

I remember one morning deciding to step on the scale – not sure what possessed me to do that! And the number that registered felt like a fist in my gut. How the hell did I weigh over 200 pounds. How did this happen!!

Have you ever stepped on the scale and felt that way?

I was thrilled to be a mom, but I have to be honest….what had happened to my body was pretty devastating. It seemed a daunting task to try to get this much weight off.

And besides…as I said before I grew up with the perception that moms just get fat and that’s what happens.

I was wearing my husband’s clothes, avoiding mirrors, and was out of breath when I tried to play with my little girl, it struck me that maybe this was not how life as a mom was meant to be.

I knew something had to give.

I didn’t want to be the tired mom, unable to bend over to tie her shoes, so she just wears flip flops.

I didn’t want be embarrassed of getting naked in front of my husband….or even myself!

I didn’t want to feel so uncomfortable all the time, unable to do all the things I loved doing before the “mom body” showed up.

What I did want was to be different than my childhood perceptions of motherhood.

  • I wanted to be strong.
  • I wanted energy to play with my baby girl.
  • I wanted to love my body again.
  • I wanted to learn how to take care of ME!

But…then the guilt crept in and I felt selfish, undeserving, a bad mother. I should just be happy I finally had the baby of my dreams. Why should I have a body I loved too. That was asking for too much, I told myself. Besides it wasn’t possible, anyway….

Or was it?

My wheels began spinning and I remembered those women in my home-town and how fit and toned they were. They were moms. What was their secret??

Fast forward my life a few years.

I was now a proud mother of not just one baby girl…but three!! That’s right, dreams really do come true. I the Infertile Myrtle had came, conquered, and conceived. It was amazing – three babies in three years, and no there were no multiples.

Now imagine how tired I was at this point. Luckily I had managed to shed some of the 65 pounds I had gained with my first pregnancy, but I was still overweight – and still didn’t feel strong, confident, and beautiful.

And let’s not even mention the saggy stomach (third baby was c-section) or what used to be my breasts. Yes my precious princesses had done a number on their momma’s body.

Fitting in fitness and nutrition on top of this seemed impossible, but…there was something deep inside me – a drive or a passion you could say – to discover what truly makes a woman’s body sparkle.

I did all the love yourself up talk, learn to love your fat, and stretch marks blah blah blah – but it wasn’t working for me. Yes I loved myself, but I wanted MORE!

I wanted to be that Supermodel Superwoman! Ok that sounds a bit extreme, vain even. It wasn’t that I wanted to be them in the sense of actually being them, like on Vogue – but I wanted to FEEL like I was them.

I decided it was time.

Time for the real change. Time to find out the truth about all this “moms can’t have a flat belly because they’ve had babies” business.

I embarked on a serious adventure. It was scary. It was intimidating. But man was it worth it.

An NPC Bikini Competition! Oh wow. Get up with my “mom body” in front of a crowd of over 200 people and do what?? Point my butt out at them?? This is insane, I told myself when I got my teeny, tiny suit in the mail.

The day my 5 inch heels showed up – I couldn’t remember the last time I had worn heels this high – was even more frightening. The thought “Lacy you’re a mom. Mom’s don’t do these kinds of things.” kept running through my head.

But…little by little, day by day, month by month I watched my “mom body” transform into a “hot mom body”.

I watched myself become the Supermodel, Superwoman that was always there just waiting.

My confidence soared, my strength inside and outside was on fire.

I felt alive, beautiful, and knew I had finally found the SECRET. The one. You know the one I felt deep inside was missing all those years?

I was shocked at the amazing changes in my body.

And that’s when it hit me, If I could do this…every mom could!!

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And guess what!?! This “hot mom body” won first place in Masters! See, dreams really do come true. It was exhilarating. All my hard work had paid off.

But the best part was….

I had found my dream. My mission. My purpose.

To take the hours and hours of time I had put in over the years researching the truth, the answer I was seeking, the way for busy moms to have more than just a “mom body” and turn it into a company with a program that delivers results.

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I took everything I had learned and tweaked it, baked it, poked it, prodded it, salted it, and even sugared it into the perfect program for busy moms who want to be their own version of Superwoman, Supermodel. Who want their girlfriends to say…how did you do it???? You look A-mazing!!! That’s right…the perfect program.

  • The perfect program to teach moms where to head to in the gym….and it’s not the treadmill.
  • The perfect program to help moms gain the confidence they need at the gym or home to quickly change their metabolism, add lean sculpted muscle to their soft bodies, smooth out that never-ending cellulite (yes mine went completely away!!), and most importantly make the muffin top move out!
  • The perfect program for moms sneaking snacks of their kiddo’s Mac N Cheese, Cheerios, and fruit snacks because they’re too busy and don’t know what what to eat instead.
  • The perfect program to take you from Soft To Sculpted….For Life.

If this sounds too good to be true, well maybe it is. All I know is it happened to me. And it’s happening to hundreds of moms everywhere right now.

Would you like it to happen to you?

Do you want to find the Supermodel, the Superwoman inside of you?

Soft To Sculpted Molly Plan

Regularly $197 now just $97!!

Access to the LeanMoms Members Area!

The 12-Week Soft to Sculpted Level I Workout PDF (that you can access immediately for a lifetime!). This workout guide gives you links to videos of at-home and gym workout routines so you know exactly how to complete each move and how it benefits your body.

The 12-Week LeanMoms Meal Plan Level I PDF (again, yours for a lifetime!). This nutrition guide takes the guesswork out of your high protein diet and gives you easy-to follow recipes that keep you on track.

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What do you think you will look like? How do you think you will feel?

Now just so there’s zero confusion, this program I am offering to you is not for someone wanting to get up on stage and strut around in a teeny bikini, like I did.

Nope. This program could get you a body like that, definitely. But that is not what this program is about.

I want to be honest and genuine with you. I want you to know I have poured my heart and soul into this program. And I did it for you. Because I care. Because I have been in your shoes. Because it hit me how much this information is needed. How important moms are in the world. They are the life-givers, the ones who in reality make the world go round.

What the LeanMoms Soft To Sculpted Program really is:

  • An easy to follow 12-week strength training program specifically designed for a woman’s body.
  • You won’t be wandering around the gym anymore wondering what to do, or how do you do it.
  • Each exercise comes with a video filmed by me at a gym. You are able to watch the videos on your smart phone while working out, so you look like a pro!
  • Each week is a different workout, making for zero boredom and your muscles will love the changes, all while your fat cells start shrinking. Love that part!
  • There is a complete home workout program as well for those who can’t make it to the gym.
  • The cardio that you will be doing is about 15 to 20 minutes, 5 days a week. It’s high intensity and meant to melt that fat. (Did you hear that? Just 15-20 minutes!)
  • The strength training routine takes around 45 minutes to an hour to complete or can be broken up through your busy day.
  • Most importantly…It’s finally a realistic way for a busy mom to really get a sculpted body she deserves.
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Testimonial Camie 1 Special 47 “I finally broke 130 today! Even though its only by a little bit I almost cried. Only 9 lbs to go! Wahoo!”
Camie, photographer and mom of 2 kids 3 and under,
hottie suz2 Special 47 “Leanmoms Programs are the best I have used that actually have changed my physique. The emphasis on weights has proven to give me better results in every muscle group. Leanmoms has also reminded me that even when my life is crazy at times, maintaining control of my body keeps me feeling stronger in more ways than just muscle strength…It helps me feel like I can conquer any crazy roadblock that’s thrown in my path! Thanks Leanmoms!!
Susan , Arizona
ashley Special 47 “Leanmom’s Program has been the best program I have ever done. I am able to stick to the meal plans because they are simple and Lacy gets them to us with plenty of time to plan and prepare. I am amazed at the muscle tone I have established and have been able to maintain. I feel freaking awesome when I’m in the gym now because I am confident with my knowledge of the weights and how to use them. I have never been able to stick to a program and this is it!”
Ashley , Utah
Testimonial Logan 1 Special 47 Just took my measurements and weighed myself at the end of week one and I’m kinda freaking out! 4.8 lbs down and 4.75″ GONE! Is this for real?? I was so worried that I wasn’t going to lose anything because I honestly never felt hungry once this whole week-on the contrary, more often than not I was completely full! Woo hoo!!
amanda Special 47 “LeanMoms Program has given me an entirely new outlook on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. The menus and work out plans are fantastic! They aren’t insane or hard to commit to compared to other diet & exercise programs I have tried. The Soft To Sculpted Programs challenge not only what you thought your body was capable of but your mind set as well. Lacy is supportive and realistic during coaching calls and provides you with the feedback you need in order to make your upcoming week even more successful than your last!”
Amanda, Oregon
audrey Special 47 “I actually like working out now! I don’t dread going to the gym to do my 50 minutes of cardio, I used to think I had to do. The structure and content of the work outs are the perfect combination. I have seen results like never before. I am well on the path to looking the best of my life! And the best part is this is actually a lifestyle. This program has given me the tools to have a successful health program for my life.”
Audrey , Oregon
Testimonial Jennifer 1 Special 47 “Reporting in after week 2! I have lost an inch on my thighs, another 1/2 inch on my waist and another 1/2 inch on my chest. Total so far… 5lbs down and a total of 5″ gone!”
Jennifer ,
Testimonial Angel 1 Special 47 A busy mom like you says, “My favorite thing is I feel like I can ask questions and get lots of ideas and support back, I love the workouts, and the menus! I can’t believe I did not do this earlier!!”

I promise you from the bottom of my mom heart (and we all know how tender moms hearts are) that this program will change your life, if you let it. It will change how you see yourself, your life, your family, and what is possible for a mom.

Moms can be their own versions of the Supermodel Superwoman that’s hiding inside of each of them.

Don’t waste anymore of the life you have, wondering how it would feel to be that woman hiding inside of you. I want you to find her!

I am here waiting for you to take the leap and learn how to fly. Come on…put on that cape…I promise it will be worth it!

Soft To Sculpted Molly Plan

Regularly $197 now just $97!

Access to the LeanMoms Members Area!

The 12-Week Soft to Sculpted Level I Workout PDF (that you can access immediately for a lifetime!). This workout guide gives you links to videos of at-home and gym workout routines so you know exactly how to complete each move and how it benefits your body.

The 12-Week LeanMoms Meal Plan Level I PDF (again, yours for a lifetime!). This nutrition guide takes the guesswork out of your high protein diet and gives you easy-to follow recipes that keep you on track.

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